Kind Words

Allen Ruppel

Executive Director, Unity In Motion

We wanted to formalize our model for Unity in Motion's summer program, Camp Umoja, to expand our services and possibly add additional sites. I worked with Carl on other projects and was always very satisfied with the end results.

Carl took the time to understand what made our approach unique and successful; his empathy and caring manner made us feel he was part of our team right from the beginning. He has the ability to lead us into out of the box thinking that led us to think of new and different ways to improve our brand recognition and stakeholder relationships.

Carl used a hands-on, thought-provoking agenda that created buy-in within the organization and gave us many actionable take-aways we could implement immediately. 

Carl's workshop gave our organization the processes and tools to increase brand awareness and the business model to grow the program in the most efficient manner.

I would highly recommend the Workshop to organizations that are interested in improving their key stakeholder relationships and in maximizing brand recognition.



Carl does a business brand justice! He emphasizes the importance of planning, determining business goals and strategizing while breaking them down into manageable tasks. 

He handled the process and me with patience and humor. Carl was fantastic with details, timelines and follow-up. I feel very fortunate to have him in my corner.



As a creative person and a business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to separate business decisions from your own personal feelings of worth. The process of working with Carl was a tough one for me that involved tears, tough questions, and personal revelations, but everything that Carl told me to do was the right thing to do. He even told me what dollar amounts he wanted me to be aiming for. At the time, those numbers seemed out of reach, and now, they are the norm. There is really no other way to describe working with Carl except to say that he is really is a brand therapist. He takes you through the mental work so that you can get down to business.